About Frederick

Frederick was born in Leeds and educated at Leeds Modern School. He entered the licensed trade at an early age; he has run a number of pubs and restaurants, being a hands-on chef, and has even been involved with a micro-brewery.

His main area of interest is the Iberian peninsula, with a particular fondness for the island of Mallorca. He has travelled widely throughout Spain and Portugal and always concentrates on the local food and drink – a tough job, but it has to be done!

Whilst having owned horses in the past and riding when the opportunity arises, Frederick is not particularly sporty, but does support Halifax Town and Real Mallorca. He says it’s ok to have a home team and a foreign team – which is which, of course, depends on where he is based at the time.

Frederick has always enjoyed writing, penning articles and blogs before going on to write books. In 2015, he founded the bookselling and publishing company, Cornucopia Books, where his work is published.

In 2021, he created the website Foods of Spain, a collection of recipes and articles plus directories of Spanish restaurants and Spanish food & drink suppliers. You can visit it here.