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An Englishman abroad in spring 2020 Day 1 – Monday The flight from Manchester is delayed by about thirty-five minutes, but by the time everybody has boarded and we’re ready for take-off, it’s an hour, so we don’t arrive until midnight. I take a taxi and it doesn’t take long […]

Seville Diary – Feb 2020

An Englishman abroad in spring 2019 Day 1 – Saturday Although the purpose of this trip is research for a forthcoming book about local craft beers, I know full well that one cannot go to Mallorca without people insisting it must be a holiday, so I’ve largely given up protesting. […]

Palma Diary – Feb/Mar 2019

An Englishman abroad in Portugal Day 1 – Sunday As it’s Sunday and there is plenty of time, instead of the usual chore getting to the airport, I decide to turn it into a fun trip. I alight at Victoria and walk across Manchester to Piccadilly. I could do with […]

Lisbon Diary – October, 2018

An Englishman abroad in summer 2018     Day 1 – Monday So, we’re off to Leeds/Bradford airport (used to call it Yeadon when I was a lad) to board the plane for Palma and then get the transfer to Palma Nova. Yes, you did read that correctly- Palma Nova. […]

Palma Diary – June/July 2018

City Walls, Palma
PALMA DIARY An Englishman abroad in January 2017 Day 1:  Saturday I find the Jetparks carpark and arrive at the airport with plenty of time, so I enjoy a pint of JW Lees Atomic. The flight is uneventful and we arrive in Palma slightly ahead of schedule. The airport bus […]

Palma Diary January, 2017

Algarve Diary  An Englishman abroad in Portugal Claudia’s family own a villa in the Algarve in southern Portugal, so Claudia, Charlotte, Kaleb, baby Elizabeth and I went for a ten day holiday at the end of September. Day 1 – Monday An uneventful trip to the airport and a pleasant […]

Algarve Diary, Autumn 2016

PALMA DIARY An Englishman abroad in March 2016   Day 1 After much unnecessary stress about the vagaries of public transport, I arrive in the departure lounge at 9am, a full two hours before take-off. So I chill out with a pint of Old Speckled Hen. No need to feel […]

Palma Diary, March 2016